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I am a lifelong fabric artist who loves bringing a home to life with quirky, unique and sumptuous pieces of textile art. I learnt my craft from sharing many a happy hour sewing with my talented mother. I particularly like collage, free-machining, needle-felting and creating home furnishings using a combination of machine and hand sewing. I love incorporating vintage and reclaimed fabrics, buttons, beads, jewellery and other items in my work to give them a second chance at being beautiful.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

WOYWW - Felting sheep...again!

Afternoon all! I'm afraid if you're a regular visitor to my page you're in for yet another instalment of needle-felted sheep! New visitors - welcome,  hope you like my felted sheep!

This week I'm mounting some of my small sheepy pics and also working on a much larger picture combining the sheepy landscape with my flowery fields.

It's a work in progress but you get where I'm going with it, right?

It's been a week of sheep for us this week. Monday's weather was fab so the boy and I went on a little walk with our mum and toddler friends. Ben thoroughly enjoyed seeing the sheep and lambs in the field as we followed the path down to a little stream.

As I type, Ben is down for a little nap, but once His Lordship wakes we're off to our nearest National Trust property, Attingham Park, where you can see deer grazing. Maybe next time you drop by I might have been inspired to move on from felty sheep to felty deer pictures!

That's all for me - got a workshop this weekend with TWELVE members of an Embroiderers Guild group (12...gulp!). They sound like a lovely bunch so I'm really looking forward to it but I've got lots to prepare to make sure they have a fab day!

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy crafting

Max x


  1. Good morning. Looked like a glorious day for that walk. Such a happy little boy, Ben is. I look forward to deer. Creative Blessings! Kelly #53

  2. Fab photos of our happy boy! That sheepy pic is coming along nicely - will look forward to your deerest one! x

  3. Love your sheepy pics - and felting is such fun to look at, hold, and do! The weather has certainly become more springlike - glad you were able to get out into the countryside. Fabulous.
    12 members of an embroiderers guild - oh, boy, gulp indeed!!! Trust it goes really well.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #16

  4. How lovely to make a larger creation of your sheep, jolly well done. Best of luck with your workshop....12....
    Take care and have a good week.
    Bishopsmate #29

  5. I love your picture. So demential. Ben is so adorable!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #32

  6. Love your sheep! They are just as cute as they can be! I didn't do a WOYWW this week, but I still wanted to come by and see what you were working on! That little boy is just the cutest too! :) I am still on my mad educational search with the needle felting!! Lot's to learn, and various art styles in that craft! All very exciting! Wish I were across the sea to take one of your classes! :)

  7. Looks like your son had a lovely day!

    I've been visiting your desk each WOYWW and you've inspired me to give needle felting a try. I've got a little starter kit so maybe one week it will be on my desk finished!

    Sharon K #45

  8. Hi Tilly, Ben looks to be enjoying himself there. And I love seeing your felted sheep, I shall be on the lookout for deer!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #19 xxx

  9. Baaaaa 🐏💕.....I adore your sheepy pics, they make me smile! I enjoyed seeing pics of your walk with Ben, I used to love taking my boys to animal places too! Good luck with your workshop, I bet the ladies will love it!
    Hugs, LLJ 11 xx

  10. Gorgeous pics of your little man Max. Really hope your next workshop goes well.
    Annie x

  11. Oh golly, love those fat little felty sheep!

    And what a cutie His Lordship is!

    Happy woyww,
    #52 this week

  12. Such cute sheep pictures. Good luck with the workshop too.
    Sharon xx #10

  13. Such lovely sheep have fun at the workshop hugs Nikki 41

  14. Felty sheep or felty deer...I bet you none of us are or will get fed up with them! Lovely pictures of Ben, my word you live in such a lovely area. Good luck for the weekend, you don't need it because of your skill, but there's all that preparation and personalities to deal with!

  15. I love your little sheepy pictures, and I can see where you get your inspiration from - what a lovely part of the world you live in. Hope all goes well with your workshop, and thank you for stopping by earlier,
    Diana #26

  16. Belated Happy WOYWW oh my I love your felting sheep glad you and Ben got out looks like great weather where you live. Have a wonderful week. Hugs~Anne L#36