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I am a lifelong fabric artist who loves bringing a home to life with quirky, unique and sumptuous pieces of textile art. I learnt my craft from sharing many a happy hour sewing with my talented mother. I particularly like collage, free-machining, needle-felting and creating home furnishings using a combination of machine and hand sewing. I love incorporating vintage and reclaimed fabrics, buttons, beads, jewellery and other items in my work to give them a second chance at being beautiful.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

WOYWW - Dyeing wool

Hello all, back again I see!

It's Wednesday so that means I'm sharing a shot of my workdesk to mark 'What's on your Workdesk Wednesday'.

This week we've been dyeing some wool in preparation for my forthcoming workshop.

Between us, Twiglet and I have got lots of gorgeous wool but I needed green and what we had was white, cream, beige, baby pink and turquoise. We used a microwave dye and it has produced loads of different shades of green (not quite 'fifty shades of green', but a lot!).

Also on my desk this week are some unfinished sheepy bookmarks I've been working on during the cold dark nights.

Finally I just thought I'd share a little pic of Ben finding an alternative use for nanny's cotton reels!
He's got a lot of concentration and good hand eye coordination so this sort of activity keeps him entertained for a fair while!

Short and sweet today! Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week!

Happy crafting

Max x


  1. Hi Tilly, love the shot of Ben playing with the cotton reels. Just wait till he's old enough to get into the button tin, lol. I can remember doing that with my Mums when I was little, many happy hours were spent that way. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #12 xx

    1. Me too!! I loved emptying mum's (Twiglet) button jar. I probably wasn't much older than Ben. He's very much into building tall towers with anything he can find to stack. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Your many shades of green wool are very pretty and the sheep bookmarks are so cute and clever. Your son is adorable. Hope you have a happy week (& happy WOYWW.) ~ Laura #60

  3. You guys do wonderful things with wool! Wish I could take that workshop. Ben is so cute. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #51

  4. It's the simply things that keep the children amused. Happy woyww jill#1

  5. Oh, um, wow! Those bookmarks are amazing! I love them! They are needle-felted (rather than wet-felted) I'm assuming, because they look so neat and perfect :) I only have a little bit of experience with wet-felting (which I loved) so I know nothing .... except how fabulous they are!

    Clair #11

  6. At Crop there's a lady who favours green....gopping green, ghastly green and every other shade. I blame the paper manufacturers! But it meant I laughed when I read that your dyeing to achieve green! Like the landscape of the sheep.. Really nice, so clever! Love the pic of Ben..I Wonder what attracts him most, the colours, the building, the textures..who knows.

  7. Beautiful colours of wool!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #47

  8. Microwave dying - now there's something I must look up.... The colours produced are just gorgeous. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #40

  9. LOL if you can't sew you stack them all up in pretty rows
    I love your bookmarks they are so darn cute those little sheep
    Hugs Nikki 9

  10. I can't wait to see what you do with your wool. The colors are great. And Ben is a cutie.
    April #67

  11. Dyeng wool in the microwave sounds interesting - several shades I guess depend on the 'underneath' colour - interesting.
    My goodness, Ben is growing fast.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  12. Those pics of ben are brilliant - I couldn't believe he would be able to stack those thin reels but he did it so easily! More nice green wool ready for use here! x

  13. Gosh this brings back memories for me. We did loads of this when I was at college, somewhere in the depths I have a sample folder that I made. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww (sorry it’s a bit late got tied up with that project again!) Happy crafting, Angela x

  14. I'm a late visitor this week but was tipped off by a rather proud Nanny that I should check out the pics of the master builder 😀 It's so good to see a love of crafty stash in one so young. Keep up the good work.
    Annie x

  15. How is it when we want to do a project we never seem to have the right color - regardless of how many colors we have on hand? LOL Conspiracy, I think. The colors you dyed turned out lovely. Always looks so soft. Creative Blessings! Kelly #62

  16. What a little cutie Ben is. Your wool looks good!!