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I am a lifelong fabric artist who loves bringing a home to life with quirky, unique and sumptuous pieces of textile art. I learnt my craft from sharing many a happy hour sewing with my talented mother. I particularly like collage, free-machining, needle-felting and creating home furnishings using a combination of machine and hand sewing. I love incorporating vintage and reclaimed fabrics, buttons, beads, jewellery and other items in my work to give them a second chance at being beautiful.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Free machine Embroidery & WOYWW

Hello, dear reader and welcome to my blog!

After a bit of a hiatus in my blog writing I'm back. I can't promise I'll manage my previous weekly form but hopefully you'll be hearing my textile art musings more regularly at least.

Today is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday so here's a shot of my workdesk.

You can see I've got my Pfaff sewing machine out. It's a pretty old model these days. I learnt how to sew with it when I was a girl and acquired from my mum when she moved on to a new machine (or perhaps I borrowed it indefinitely and she ended up buying a new one...!)

I've been free-machine embroidering poppies, bluebells and foxgloves. I've been busy over winter building up my stockist network so I'm now busy making sure I've plenty of work to keep them well stocked!

There's been a bit of batch production on the go. Or should I say flock control...

Ive also been busy with a few workshops too...

But, of course, we've still found time for some winter fun in muddy puddles...

Ben loves his little bobble hat, courtesy of the lovely Roz at Bobble & Squeak.

Well that's all for today, thanks for stopping by.

Happy crafting

Max x

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  1. Hi Maxine. You obviously have an excellent sheepdog keeping your flock well in control!!! Lots of stock there - trust all your outlets are happy bunnies now!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  2. Love all your beautiful makes - the combination of felting and freehand embroidery is stunning. I did think, at first glance, the box of brooches looked like so many eyes staring at me but soon realised that they were in fact sheep :) Mums do seem to pass on not only skills but sewing machines! Lovely photos of your little puddle jumper too. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #21

  3. Oh my these are just wonderful and adorable! I LOVE your sheep and flowers! Enjoy getting muddy but watch out for the puddle monster...!!!!

  4. Oh wow, I love your little sheep. The foxgloves look like little bobbles of marshmallow hee hee. Ben does indeed look toasty with his little bobble hat! Thanks for sharing and all the best, EmbroidRage #8 x

  5. Hi Max. It's good to see you joining in this week. I love all your dumflings....keep up the good work.
    Annie x

  6. Glad to see you back! I love love your work. It is so beautiful and inspiring.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #39

  7. Welcome back, oh little Ben is growing. They are such fun. Your work with the dumflings is so beautiful. Not something we see in this area of the states. I love the little sheep pendant with the aqua backing. Have a wonderful week.

  8. wow your work is stunning - it is one thing I wish i could do - machine embroidery . Those sheep are adorable . soojay 44

  9. What a fab post Max - all that beautiful work and the best work of all - that gorgeous little boy that is my little grandson!! Love you both and I am so proud of you. xx

  10. Great to see you again and have a catch up - looks like you've been very busy! Ben looks fabulous in his suit and wellies, who doesn't love to splash in puddles! Helen #1

  11. Adorable work love the flock. BJ#9

  12. Lovely to see you, but totally amazed that you can make time to blog in amongst all the other things you have to do and choose to do! I should tell you that I have my Mother's Pfaff, and it is nowhere near as modern as yours!! Loving the flock control, and the fact of your stockists, well done you!

  13. It's so lovely to see you back though I've been following your progress on FB. I'm so pleased you've been going from strength to strength with all your work. Well done, lovely gal!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  14. Gosh, your sewing machine brought back memeories! I used to have some of those when I was teaching so yes it is quite an old model now but then some of the other machines we had were even older and are probably still going that is if someone is looking after them Lol! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20

  15. The sheep are cute! At first my eyes didn't quite adjust, and I didn't get that they were sheep, they looked like eyes to me. I though "cool eyes!", but then (probably from reading what you wrote - at first I thought you were "flocking", but I don't know what that is!!) I realized they were sheep. Even cooler! Lovely flock you have! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #45

  16. Some great makes (as usual m'dear) and LOVE the muddy walk (I don't think I ever grew out of splashing in puddles even at 46 years old!!).
    Thanks for visiting my desk already